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CardFacts has been been sourced in over 51,000 articles and has educated millions of consumers.

Since 1986 we have been providing the most trustworthy credit card statistics and unbiased facts about the payment cards market. Early on our focus was on credit cards. As technology progressed, and new payment platforms have been accepted, our data now includes all forms of payments.

Over the years our payment data has been sourced in over 51,000 articles, news reports websites and more. Our executives have conducted over 10,000 interviews, served as expert witnesses, provide data to government oversight committees and numerous universities rely on your historical archives.

All the data we provide on this website is available to use FREE of CHARGE. The only requirement is giving credit to the source. Along with each question and answer you will see details on how we want the data or infographics to be sourced. Our sources include our websites CardTrak.com, CardData.com and CardFlash.com. Please note there may be other directions or restrictions on the individual source as well.

We do limit access to this website to the news media and authors. To become a member, we ask that you complete our brief application to verify your status. When you become a member of CardFacts.com, you can choose to receive updates which we Email out to let members know that new data has been posted to our website.